Awning Windows – Hinged from the top of the frame and opening outward awning windows are designed to provide ventilation and some protection to outside weather conditions. Sliding Windows – Sliding sash that opens horizontally to allow simple and easy operation.

Casement Windows – Hinged from the right or left hand side of frame and opening outward casement windows are much like hinged doors in the way they operate but offer a more traditional look.

Double Hung Windows – Top sash slides down and the lower sash slides up giving excellent ventilation control. Better suited for contemporary designs.

Sashless Windows – Deliver the look of fixed glass with the practicality of a window. Best described as two panes of glass which overlap when opening and closing. They can also be horizontally or vertically sliding.

Fixed Windows – Stationary windows that offer no ventilation but often used to maximize light coming into the building or where a view can be maximised.

Louvre Windows – Glass or aluminium blades controlled by manual or remote controls that allow greatest airflow when fully opened by changing the angle of the blades.

Bifold Windows – Allows framed glass panels to open the interior of the home to the outside. Obviously producing clear unimpeded views, natural light and ventilation. Most often used as a servery window between the kitchen and some outside entertaining area.


Flyscreens – Meshed frames that stop flies and other insects from entering the window opening while allowing airflow. Can be supplied in fiberglass, aluminum and stainless steel to suit any type of window.

Flydoors – Meshed framed doors that operate on the outside of sliding, stacking & hinged door products. Typically they are much like a flyscreen in purpose as they will allow airflow into the door opening stopping any insects or bugs from entering also.


Sliding Doors – Sliding door panel that opens horizontally. Sliding doors are often used to open onto balconies and decks. They are built to ensure safety, durability and ease of operation.

Stacking Doors – Much like a sliding door, stacking door have multiple door panels that open horizontally and “stack” back on each other providing wider openings, more ventalition and better views to outdoor areas.

Bifold Doors – Framed glass panels that open the interior of the home to outdoor entertaining areas. They are usually full height and can be operated to open left or right.

Pivot Doors – Framed glass panels that open from pivoting at top & bottom of the frame. They are built to pivot 90o and 180o respectively.

Hinged Doors – Framed glass panel hinged from the left or the right of the frame and opening outward or inward. Can be supplied in a double door configuration also where a set of panels are rebated and hinged on both sides of the frame.

Glass system

We offer you the best glass systems which includes showscreens, mirrors, balustrating & handrailing.